Flame Shrimp Dead - Culprit?


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Hey guys!

I found my flame Shrimp Dead this morning and he was totally torn to bits. I'm trying to find out what happened to him! All of the inhabitants have been peaceful to one another.... I'm confused!

Anything on this list sound like it would go after a shrimp? I'm concerned because I have a skunk cleaner shrimp too and I don't want him to die!

Stock list:

2 Ocellaris clownfish
1 Clown goby
1 Canary blenny
1 Pearl Jawfish
1 Scooter blenny

1 Skunk cleaner shrimp
2 Emerald crabs
2 Pitho crabs
1 Sand sifting seastar

And various algae eating snails, but I seriously doubt their involvement in the crime haha

Anyways, any insight would be wonderful! He wasn't too large so I don't think he was very old. My skunk cleaner is twice as big as he was and they were buddies. They would hang out right next to each other peacefully and share a hideout :-(

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could be he just died during the night and your crabs and shrimp had An early breakfast! if the crabs are big enough, they could have taken him out.....


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Are you sure you aren't looking at a molt and that your shrimp is alive and well?

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I looked all over my tank this morning before work after seeing the carnage... I didn't see him and I looked thoroughly!

I get home this tonight and he is alive... It was definitely just molt and that sucker hid well.

Thanks all for the discussion, turns out there was no culprit this time haha!

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