Flex PVC pipe


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It is used primarily in the SPA industry. Do you need it? Is it worth the cost? That really depends on your situation. I have a four foot piece leading into my sump. It allows me to place a lid on the sump and move the lid (within reason) for cleaning.
Fager's in Camphill (and I am sure other plumbing supplies stores) sells it by the foot and if you are lucky you can find the end of the roll for less $.


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im using it in my new reef setup. However, im finding it is not easy to use. its hard to put on the bulkheads, hard to bend, and holds its shape too much.


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It is a PITA at times to work with......it's used more for in tight areas and to reduce bends so that you can get sweeping turns in your plumbing, reducing headloss.....You also have to remember to use the correct glue when working with spaflex....that glue I did have to go to Fagers for. Don't ever make the mistake of trying to paint it....it stays tacky......