Flipper Algae scraper or Tunze?


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I am setting up a 120 GLASS mixed reef in a few weeks and need to upgrade from the Magfloat and blade-type algae remover. I am seeing great reviews for both the flipper and the Tunze Care Magnet and would appreciate some feedback on these products.


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I have zero experience with the tunze cleaner, Ive been using the flipper for awhile and really like it. Once you get it down, flipping it is easy!


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Well, I've never used the flipper magnet, but I have the Tunze Care magnet, the long one, for my 90g glass reef. It works very good, I've had it for 8 months now, I like it because it has a pretty small form factor, so once I'm done cleaning the glass I move the magnet to the corner of the tank and I barely notice it


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I've used both. Go for the flipper. Tunze doesn't scratch the glass which is great. But it sinks like a stone which I hate.

The flipper is so much easier to switch from one side of the tank to the other.

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I used everything. Flipper > Algae Free Hammerhead > Tunze > Mag

Hammerhead works well but very heavy. works best on those tough deep purple coralline algae.. Flipper require less elbow strength.. Tunze is good also.

can't really complain about any of those 3..


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I have the tunze care long for my 120 glass and love it. Except when it drops in the tank or the little blue end parts fall off.


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The one thing I am sure of, is that it's either the Flipper or Tunze Care Magnet. I've had it with the pads and scratched glass!


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I've used both recently - I now use the flipper and I switched from the Tunze care magnet.

The Tunze was strong and could get any type of algae off the glass - No matter how stuck on - This is where it shines. You can get close to the sandbed with low risk of picking up sand and scratching your glass. If it gets separated, you have to reach in the tank with your hands and get the wet side and it's hard to get around corners to other sides of the tank.

The flipper has two sides, the scraper side with the blade is ok. Anything other than daily algae it can get but anything beyond that it has trouble with. The other side is good for daily polishing. Both sides combined do a good enough job. It can get around corners to other sides of the tank easy which is a major plus for me. If the wetside gets separated it floats for a bit so it's easy to reconnect without placing your hands in the tank. I scratched the glass by getting a grain of sand in the flat/polishing side but that was my mistake and I can't blame that on the magnet itself.

I prefer the flipper. For those tougher algae types I pull out the long scraper which is about every couple of weeks.


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I use a Algae Free Hammerhead on my 125. It cleans everything except really thick coralline algae. I am very careful to not get any sand in the pad.
It get touch algae off I use a Kent scraper.

I own a flipper standard which I use on my planted 93 cube. It works great on the 93 but on the 125 I feel it is a bit weak.


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Here is what I put on another thread...

I initially had the Strong version which was far, far too powerful for my 12mm glass, it juddered a lot and was hard to move, especially with the tiny grip!

I then swapped it for a Long version but at the same time bought a Flipper magnet....I haven't used the Tunze magnet since. The flipper is much easier and I think there is less chance of scratching the glass....This is because the magnet is much weaker than the tunze, I've scratched my glass about 6 times with the Tunze because grains get caught on the inside of the blade when "reversing" the magnet. You have to be incredibly careful near the sand edge.

The Flipper glides smoothly over the glass on both the felted side and the blade side. the fact it is floats is brilliant too, the Tunze sinks so damn fast and is a pain to get back on the glass without putting my arm in the tank.

The Flipper is much easier to grip than the tunze.

Being able to quickly flip the Flipper means I can use the felt side for the bulk of the glass then flip to the blade to do the sand line. I normally move the magnet up and down while working my way along the sand edge. I really don't worry half as much about sand getting caught in the blade with the Flipper, its not really strong enough to cause the deep scratches the Tunze does but is plenty strong enough to remove spirorbid worms or stubborn algae...I don't have coralline forming on the glass so cant comment on that yet.

I will say the nano tunze magnet is spot on for smaller tanks or sumps. I use one for my sump and my QT and have no complaints with it.

I will keep the Long Tunze for scraping coralline when it finally appears. But if the Flipper can scrape it off easily I will sell the Tunze.


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No experience with the Tunze, but I love my Flipper. So easy to maneuver and use with coralline algae. Not bulky, taking up space.