Float switches protecting flooding


SPS Killer
I'm planning to put two float switches on my overflow cover so that in case something goes wrong and the water stops draining, the return pump will stop and prevent a tank flood.

Is there any reason to put a switch outside of the overflow? I just don't see it likely or possible that the large quantity of overflow teeth ever all get clogged.


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I ended up putting my float switch in the sump where the return pump baffle is.

When the water gets to low its prevents the pump from running dry and overflowing the tank.

I went with this option because I had no way to hide the switch in my display and it was cheaper to buy only 1 lol


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Actualy this can become a complecated plumbing issue. With the float in the sump you can have a issue with evaporation lowering the sump level. I know in the winter months I'm evaporating up to 15 gallons of water per day and in the summer almost nothing.

In my situation I found the best route of action was putting an over flow on the sump. If there is pump failure or power outage the water simplu stops flowing to the main tanks. As the water flow stops the level drops slightly on the tanks while the sump level goes up. Rather than over flowing onto the floor I have an over flow on the sump into a holding tank.