Florida or Yumas?


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Just trying to figure out which ones i have.





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i thought yuma and florida were just two different species of Ricordea?

yumas having bubbly mouths and florida's not...the last pic looks like the mouths are plain..therefore being florida's


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yumas have bubbles arund the mouths where floridas don't. yumas also have a different somewhat unique bubble pattern, but the bubbles around the mouth is the best way I know to tell them apart. Maybe someone else can chime in with a better determining factor.


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R. florida typically has a 'bubble' pattern that is a pretty consistant size and tightly packed distrobution across the oral disk. R. yuma have kind of a mixed 'bubble' size, and are more widely distributed across the disk. I will guess that yours are Ricordea yuma.

As Gary pointed out, they are not technically a 'soft' coral; they are much closer related to stonies and zoanthids