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I've got a 46 bow with a cyano problem that I have determined to be caused by low flow. I've got two maxijet 1200s and another powering an aqua c remora. I've got a pile of live rock a little right of center with one powerhead positioned in the back left upper corner, pointing toward the front right bottom corner. The other powerhead is positioned on the back right upper corner, pointing to the back left bottom corner. The skimmer is positioned in the middle of the tank. I'm considering adding another powerhead but was looking for some adivce before I do so. Can I solve this issue with what I have and just reposition them, or does the third powerhead sound necessary? The locations of the powerheads are all from a point of reference looking at the tank. I appreciate any help and hope to get this kicked.


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If you post your water parameters, It might help. Low flow is not the only cause of cyano. If the water parameters are good, and you still want to up the flow, check out seio pumps instead of adding more equipment to your display.


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If your tank is farely new, and it has only been set up for alittle while, then every new tank is going to go threw different cycles with different kinds of algae... I had a cyano problem in my 55 gallon tank, and I found it to be a phosphate problem... I was over feeding to much and the left over food was becoming a problem because my clean up crew couldn't handle it. I ended up getting some more snails, and peppermint shrimp, but I also used the product called Chemi Clean , although this isn't a fix for cyano it will get rid of it, and make your tank look clean for awhile to give you some time to fix the problem.

Their can be several reasons from what was discussed in my thread that I started about this cyano problem, and it was said that your lighting can be a problem, if the bulbs are old then they would be giving off the wrong spectrum, flow is also a problem and you have said that is your problem so maybe upgrading to better, stronger pumps would help you out. That way you can get alot of flow, & not alot of equiptment in the tank. Here is a link to the SEIO's .

Also know that chemi clean can kill of some of your good bacteria too, but that didn't happen to me and it just got rid of the cyano problem, just follow the instructions as in the box & you'll be fine.