Flow for a 60x32x20 SPS tank


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Looking for some advice on powerheads for my new setup. my tank will have very open rock work. I already have a vortech mp40 from my existing tank which i'll use. I dont like the noise so was looking at the new tunze streams2. Its a peninsular tank so only wanted pumps on the overflow end which is only 32inches. Can I get enought random flow with all powerheads on one end?

I was looking at getting 1 tunze 6205 together with my vortech mp40. would that be enough or would I be better in 1 vortech and 2 x 6105?




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I have a 60*30*20 and have 2 vortechs. 1 on each side. I think when the tank matures, I'll have to add a powerhead along the back of the tank because I can see flow not getting back there, but for now 2 vortechs are enough.


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I think you can get more of a reversable gyre with two pumps if they are going to be at one end.


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I have a very similar tank 60x30x25
FLow: vortech on each side
3x 6100 tunzes

The tunzes are dialed back to about 50% but asa the sytem matures I have plenty of options.