Flow ideas for a 60x32x12 frag tank....


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Not sure which rout to best go for this. should be about 100g tank

-Tank layout will basically be flat egg crate (one level, not tiered) covering most of the tank.
-There will probably be a few pieces of LR for the few fish to hide and add to biological filtration.
-Bare bottom
-SPS(primarily), LPS & zoa's

Planning maybe about 4000 GPH flow. Just not sure how to work this based on footprint & layout.

Tunze not familiar with these....
I don't want ot be blasting corals on the side yet have no flow way inthe middle as the SPS(high flow guys will be in the middle. Also would these serve better on the sides or the back facing forward??

Looks like:
-1 tunze 6095 (wide flow's) ~2650 gph controllable ~ $263 + controller

--Tunze nano wave box $360

-tunze 6105 3400gph ...$360 + controller

-voretch MP40 ES ~3400gph controlable and $440

Koralia controlable.
3- of the #4's looks to be small + controller

Or CLS with a few returns and spray bar along the bottom.....