Flow in a 55 long


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Hello. Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm getting cyano, and I'm pretty sure I need to increase my flow. I have a Hydor wave maker that i don't currently use because it makes my pumps clank on start-up. So I'm looking at the Hydor Koralia 5, because of the electronic start(no clanking with the wave maker). But, I'm concerned it might be too much flow. I have about a 2-3" sand bed, some LPS and softies, a clam and some fish and inverts. Do you think it will be too much flow?


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do you mean the pump formerly called the Magnum 5, rated around 1650 GPH?

that certainly does move a love of water, but it would probably depend a lot on how your rocks are set up, and where it is pointing.

i run a vortech mp40 in my tank which is rated from 1000 to 3200 GPH. it typically runs just a shade below half power, and i still supplement it with a koralia 1050 on the other end of the tank.

my tank is a 75, so slightly wider than your 55, but i think with careful consideration to the placement of the powerhead and the livestock, it should be OK.


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If it's moving too much water just place a rock a few inches in front of it. I've been removing rocks slowly from my DT, I've got about 20# left and all the free space has made my euyphilla unhappy so I placed a rock about 4-6in in front of my 1200gph powerhead and that broke up the flow enough to keep things happy

55long as well, 1200gph ph on one side, 800 on the other, barebottom, both placed at the bottom of the tank aimed at the bottom.