Flow Masters Needed!


New member
Ok I have a 180g BB that I'm not to happy with the current aquascaping. I have 2 Tunzes 6060 and am buying 2 Vortechs this week. Sooner or later the Tunzes will be replaced with Vortechs as well. My situation is this. I want to rearrange all my liverock (I only have LPS), I figure I might as will arrange them in such a way that I can get the most of the flow.
How should the rocks be arranged and where would be the ideal place to put the power heads? I understand the flow should be directed at the rocks. How about some creative ideas to hide powerheads from the begining? I have a 180g Perfecto with corner overflows, I was thinking of placing the powerheads in first and then the rocks second, maybe one big island with nothing touching glass. Any ideas? Here is the tank now.