Fluval 33g Mega Flex, converting over FW to SW, using canister filter


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I bought a Fluval 33g Mega Flex a few months ago, and love the tank. It's simply beautiful with the curved front.

The Mega Flex tanks come with a chamber in the rear with their own filtration system. Since I always like to over filter, I added a Fluval 307 canister filter which is rated up to 70 gallons, I have the flow throttled back to half.

I was going to swtich their blue tooth LED light from the Fw to Sw version for $150 bucks, and with the lid on the tank I will have very little evaporation so no need for a auto top off.

So I'm thinking just sand, live rock, change out my FW filter media, and fire it up as a SW tank

Only question is, I'll have their filtration and a over sized canister filter on it, which I've never done on SW tanks. I been into SW tanks for close to 15 years now, but never owned a canister filter for one

No way to get a sump under this small of a foot print, tank is 33" long by 14" wide

Suggestions? Go for it?


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Thanks It's up and running

I did buy their marine 3.0 LED light

I kept the canister filter under it, and add the live sand and Carbisea Life rock

I'm going to seed it today with a pc of live rock from the LFS, add some
Bio-Spira and throw some clowns in it