FMAS April 26th, 2022 Zoom Meeting


2018 FMAS President
date: 4/26/2022
time: 7pm
Topic: Its all about Biomedia
Brian Covey CEO/Co-Developer of AquaChar will talk about the general aspects of microbiome in a aquarium. Topics include glass cleaning, bacteria blooms, feeding, and organic breakdown.
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A discussion on the general aspects of microbiomes in the aquariums. benefits and or negative consequences of bacteria blooms, feeding/overfeeding, glass cleaning, organic breakdown, and use of carbon and different types of. As well as an explanation of of AquaChar its use as a sustainable carbon bio-media; designed for long-term use and the only carbon designed specifically for ponds and aquariums. With a adsorption lifespan of 3-6+ months it is meant to add new to the existing and to be treated like live rock you can rinse with monthly water change. You can use old media to start a new tank or recycle it into your garden or house plants.
There will be a Q&A at the end and a chance for 3 people who attend to try AquaChar.
For more information about AquaChar please visit:


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