FMAS July 28th, 2020 Zoom meeting


2018 FMAS President
Date: July 28th, 2020 @7pm
Location: Zoom Meeting @ Your house ;)
Topic: Q&A with Terence Fugazzi from Neptune Systems

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About the speaker:
Terence's introduction to saltwater aquariums began in 1985 when he set up and maintained a 60g hex tank in a bamboo pagoda stand that had everything from eels to rock crabs to huge anemones legally collected from pacific tidepools. In 2009, and after a 23 year hiatus from the hobby, he decided to get back into the game and again take on a saltwater aquarium. Right away, with his 110g reef tank, he could see the need for control and monitoring electronics. This was also about the time the Apex AquaController by Neptune Systems was launched. So he got one and dove head first into automating and controlling everything he could "” and dragged others into it as well. Fully addicted and with a desire to do more to help people be successful in the hobby, Terence co-founded the Utah Marine Aquarium Society (UTMAS) in 2010.

In 2012 Neptune Systems hired Terence as their VP of Sales and Marketing. Terence, his wife Nancy and son Diego live in Gilroy, CA, the Garlic Capitol of the world. He now has a 3-year old, 425-gallon SPS-heavy reef tank that, you guessed it, is fully automated top to bottom.

Terence has given countless talks at MACNA and other events worldwide the subject of being more successful at reefkeeping using aquarium monitoring and control.