FMAS Miami Fragswap - October 19th, 2019


2018 FMAS President
FMAS Fragswap is now in MIAMI!!!
Florida Marine Aquarium Society's Frag Swap Event!

This is our annual frag swap hosted by Florida Marine Aquarium Society (FMAS). This is the best place to find great coral frags and other marine aquarium animals

ATTENDEES:General public: show starts at 11:00am. Entrance FEE just $5.00
!FMAS Members, or members of any other local marine club (must present card): Show starts 30 minutes earlier at 10:30am. Admission is FREE

There will be prizes raffled off, free saltwater testing, and saltwater advise from local experts.

Join us and meet up with Saltwater Aquarium Owners from Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties as well as from Orlando, Palm Beach, Tampa, Naples and beyond.

For more information please contact


2018 FMAS President


2018 FMAS President
Let's welcome IFragit Corals as one our October Miami Frag Swap vendors. They are known for selling exclusive, high-end corals. If you are looking for vibrant, rare, and exotic frags, you are at the right place! All corals are 100% AQUACULTURED. Checkout their website @



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Just getting back into the hobby and this is gonna be perfect.
Tank will be cycled and ready by then. Feels good to be back lol.


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Current Vendor List for our upcoming Fragswap in 7 weeks.

Vendor name
iFragit Corals
Pirates Reef Corals
SofloRubio's Corals
Reef Bed
Acan Man
Pristine Rock
Perfect Corals
Kiln Corals
Tray’s Reef Aquatics
Y&Y Corals
Aqua Dementia
Chaos Aquaculture
Hobesound frags
Exotic Aquarium
Daydream Corals
Jams Corals
Exotic Aquatic
The Curated Reef
VIP Reef
Liquid Dreams Aquatics
Matt Dudley
Rising reefs aquariums
Ray Chan
Dr Fragit


2018 FMAS President
Special Thanks to our show sponsors:
ESV Aquarium
RH Magazine
Bob smith Ind
Premium Aquatics
Red Sea
Avast Marine
Ecological Laboratories, Inc
Central Aquatics
unique corals

For donations to the Fragswap Raffle.


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Is this for vendors only or also FMAS members? I need to sell some of my corals soon so this would work out great.


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Any word yet of what prizes might be in the raffle?

Neptune Core 20 pump
LED/T-5 lights 2 feet, 3 feet, and 4 feet long
16gal biocube with stand
premium aquatics gift cards
Avast gift cards
Triton Test kits
Box of Marco Rocks
boxes of Salt
LOTS of sea, ME corals, ICgel, kent, coral life, Hydor, Tunze, chemipure, coralRx...


2018 FMAS President
Fragswap is just over a week away!
Saturday, October 19th at 11am

NEW MIAMI location:
St Timothy Parish School
5400 SW 102nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33165


2018 FMAS President
Fragswap is THIS SATURDAY@11am

Free gift bag for first 50 people!

Admission FREE for current FMAS Members plus early entrance at 10:30am


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I just realized the frag swap was going to be down south in Miami. Why not have it in the middle of the tricounty area like previous years in Plantation? And in a church?