Food thread for TBRC meeting October 15th


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Its that time again for our monthly meeting, need to know what you all are cooking or stirring up.. I know there are some secret family recipes out there so bring em out!!!! Whether its some witches brew or Bush's beans its all goood!!!!


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I'll be there , but I don't know what I can cook up . May be some Rat O Van . JK .

I think I'll bring two of the sausage rolls like before . Ted
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I think I am going to make my homeade mashed potatoes to go with the roast pork that Peggy is making....;)

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I made Chicken and yellow rice, Jambalaya w/ chix, shrimp and sausage is going now and I've pigs in a blanket next. I also have some Bubba's Buffalo Chix dip too....not sure what else.