For Sale: 12 Gallon JBJ Nano-Cube


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Clearing out the last of the old house stuff.

Here's the Deal:

12 Gallon JBJ Nano-cube w/ 50 Watt Heater - $75.00

It's pretty much just a stock Nano-cube, but I've replaced the crappy JBJ ballast with an advance 2x23 Watt Ballast. I didn't get around to installing the 2nd. Light but the leads are there for it.

It holds water, minimal scratching and it's in decent shape.

First one to show up with $75 Cash or Paypal $75 + Fees gets it. Just because you talk to me on the phone doesn't mean you have dibs. First one to Send $$ or show up on my doorstep with $$ gets it.

Give me a call at (708)334-0878 or Email and Let's make a deal!