For Sale: 40BR tank with custom stand and sump located in Henrietta (Rochester)


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For Sale: 40BR tank with custom stand and sump located in Henrietta (Rochester). Ready to add your sand, rock and saltwater!

Lots more pics available, also crossposted elsewhere.


We enjoyed this setup for about 5 years, but now it’s time for someone else to enjoy it. It’s a 40BR tank with a custom built 20-long sump. The stand has a 2x4 frame and is skinned with ¾” poplar painted semi-gloss black. I oversized the frame so that it can accommodate a larger tank up to about 18x49. Stand top dimensions (including the overhang) are 20x53, and the height is 28¼”. The frame and inside of the stand are painted gloss white.

The 2 front doors open on 170-degree hinges for full access to the equipment area. Panels on either end of the stand attach with magnets, so are easily removable, and give you plenty of room for power strips, dosers, and additional equipment storage. Easily removable panels at the back hide plumbing and keep pets out.

The tank’s plumbed with a herbie style overflow -- that’s a ¾” full siphon line with a 1.5” emergency drain. It runs completely silent and features an oversized custom overflow box made by Melev’s Reef. Siphon and return lines both have Spears gate valves so that the flow can be dialed in perfectly. The return is an Eheim 1260 pump. I used unions at strategic points so all plumbing can be changed out without the need to move the tank.

The sump was custom made with a 20 long tank and custom cut glass baffles. The first chamber (left) has plenty of space for the included Reef Octopus NW-110 skimmer (sorry I didn’t take pictures until after I had removed the skimmer to clean it) as well as a filter sock.

The following equipment is included:
  • 40BR tank, 20 long sump and custom stand
  • Reef Octopus NW-110-6520B skimmer
  • Eheim 1260 return pump
  • Two (2) Eheim Jager 75W Heaters
  • Maxspect R420R 160W LED Light
  • Custom screen top
  • American DJ 8-switch power center
  • Two (2) BRS 1.1 ml/minute dosing pumps (used for 2-part dosing). I’ll include a 3rd dosing pump I kept around as a spare.
  • 3D printed dosing line holder
  • BRS Filter sock mount (holds 4" or 7" socks. I used a single 4" sock on the ¾” line only)
  • Sump light

I’m also throwing in the JBJ ATO controller & pump. I do occasionally have issues with it, but I think it’s because the feed line has some kinks and needs to be replaced.

Asking $900 for the whole package. PM me for serious inquiries only.

Sorry, not interested in parting out at this time.


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Can't seem to edit the original post anymore.

PRICE DROP 2/16/20: Package price dropped to $750. If you're interested in some of it, but not all of it (for example, you don't want the lights or skimmer) let me know and we can work something out. Not parting out until the tank/sump/stand have sold.


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Price Drop with some changes in the offering.

Asking $500 / make an offer. Now includes ONLY the following items:

Eheim 1260 return pump
40BR tank
Custom 20 Long sump
Custom stand, doors with 170 degree hinges
Custom screen top
JBJ ATO controller & pump

NOTE: Lights and skimmer have been sold.