FOR SALE - Entire 120gal tank setup...


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TWINS ON THE WAY...must sell everything!!!

My wife is pregnant with twins and, as such, I must focus on matters a little more important than my 120gal saltwater fish tank! :)

After many years in the hobby, I am going to break down my tank and sell everything :( (except livestock...that has already been sold).

Below is a list of everything that I am selling in 1 package. I am also including in parenthesis the retail value of each item [$xxx.xx] This is NOT the sale value, I am just listing the retail value so that you see what this entire package would cost if you bought it new. Obviously, most of these items are used (but everything works). Package price is listed at the bottom. Every thing is to be sold in as-is condition.

I do not want to sell individual items...I would rather sell everything at once. I have also included a couple of photos of the tank and some of the hardware. If you need additional information or additional photos of specific pieces...please feel free to PM me. is the list:

- 1-120 gallon All-Glass Aquarium with predrilled Twin-Flo overflows in each back corner(48"x24"x24"). [$300]
- 1-Light wood hood with 4-48" bulb light fixture [$100]
- 1-Light wood stand (48"x24"x33") [$150]
- 2-48" Actinic bulbs [$40]
- 2-48" VHO bulbs [$30]
- 1-Protein Skimmer [$125]
- 2-MAG Drive Model 7 pumps [$120]
- 1-Rio 3100 pump [$55]
- 1-Rio 2100 pump [$35]
- 1-Air pump [$20]
- 1-B-Ionic Calcium Supplement NEW [$20]
- 1-B-Ionic Alkalinity Supplement NEW [$20]
- 1-Ice-Cap Ballast Model 660-009 [$150]
- 1-30 gallon sump tank [$25]
- 1-Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilizer (25 watt) Model U2025 [$110]
- 1-UV bulb NEW for UV sterilizer (25 watt) [$40]
- 2-Ebo-Jager 150watt aquarium heaters [$40]
- 1-Fast-Test Master Test kit NEW for Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitirite, & PH [$25]
- 1-SeaTest Master Test kit NEW for Low Nitrate, Calcium & Phospate [$25]
- 1-Belkin 10-outlet surge protector [$25]
- 1-Grounding Probe [$5]

To buy all this new would be between $1400 & $1500!

Pictures of the tank and hardware are included below...the quality is pretty bad due to the 50KB picture size limit; however, if you are interested I can e-mail you the "good images".



I am asking for $400 or best offer for everything.

By the way, as is Jersey tradition, Aberdeen is located at Exit 117a on the Garden State Parkway.

Look forward to hearing from you all!

A.J. Powell