For sale- entire frag tank system


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Hey all!

Moving to college this fall so pairing down on my tanks. I bought this this awesome frag tank/lowboy system off another reefer for $800 plus a different frag tank in trade. There’s a crack in the back of the tank that I never noticed (hasn’t leaked before) but that should be repaired before you set it up. If you don’t know how/don’t want to repair it, the glass tank is only like $150 new and everything else in this system makes up for it. I’m hoping to get $500 for everything. Here’s everything im selling in one package.

- zoomed 50 gal frag tank
- custom built rolling stand with space for sump/refuge as well as ATO system underneath
- chambered sump/refugium with media/filter cups and powerful return pump
- all the plumbing to route frag tank to sump and back
- full ATO system with float switch
- VERY NICE Eshoppe S-120 skimmer (worth several hundred new)
- 4 bulb T5 lights
- two wifi controlled power strips
- two controllers for jebao wave maker pumps (only 1 pump)
- nice unused dosing pump
- inkbird temp controller
- two heaters
- ato controller
- egg crate frag racks to cover entire bottom of tank
- magnet frag rack
- suction frag rack
- DC pump controller for return pump
- magfloat scrubber
- scrubbing wand thing
- half a milk crate worth of rock/rubble
- nice FijiCube sump (not built in to frag tank setup)
- drilled 40 gal breeder tank (not built into the setup)

This is an amazing setup and was great to me for a good while. I’m sad to see it go but I only have a couple months before I move into my dorms and won’t be able to take care of it. First $500 takes it.

Text for questions/pics, I won’t be checking DM’s.


Text- (650) 580-7725