For Sale: Red Sea Max 34g full set up + extras in O.C.


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Hey everyone,

I'm selling my full setup for $500 which includes:

- Red sea max 34 gallon with factory stand.

- Tunze 9002 skimmer + factory skimmer.

- Euro 1/10 Chiller that has just been cleaned by reverse running vinegar then RO water for a day.

- 3 x Water jugs.

- Dead rock that has been sitting outside for a few weeks (Around 30+ lbs).

- Net, psyphon, misc. water additives, water deflectors...

The tank has a maxijet 1200 mod for the return pumps instead of the factory pumps to increase flow and reduce micro bubbles. I'll throw in the factory pumps in case you want to use those as well. The Coraline algae has been scraped off the walls but there is still some light cleaning that should be done. Everything is in great condition. Only issue is the cover for the switch panel is not secured in place and can fall off but it still covers the switches.

For more information on the Red Sea Max 34g please follow the link

Located in Orange County near Tustin Market Place off the 5 freeway. Asking $500 and will not be parting out at this time. Would really like to let it all go to one person.



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Setup is currently pending for sale.

If it doesn't sell i'll bump it back up with a price decrease and maybe a part out. Thanks everyone for looking.