For Sale: Red Sea Reefer 170 Rimless Tank Setup.


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Who am I kidding! I have no time for this tank. I have a 180 gallon I've been keeping for 15 plus years...Not sure why I even bothered with setting up this up for.

It has been running for approx. 6 months and pretty much bare aside from rocks and sand.

Asking $650.00 picked up OBO. Serious inquiries only, please. I have a family and am pretty busy during the weekdays and weekends. I'd rather someone come over to take a look and decide if they feel fit or not. Not looking for long reef keeping conversations or a rant about local fish stores...With that said, I am pretty flexible and easy going.

What's included:
Sump (1 of the glass baffle is broken where the sponge is at, does not affect performance and does not leak)
SWC Xtreme 160 cone skimmer
Ehiem 1260 return pump
Rock & Sand

What's NOT included as I am going to be keeping these items.
Lighting setup
Dosing pump setup plus related accessories

I'm located in Huntington Beach and usually am free on weekends.


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