For sale: Red Sea Reefer complete setup


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I am selling my complete setup. I am downgrading.

It is all in like new condition:

Red Sea Reefer 350 Display Rimless tank approx 71gallons
Red Sea Reefer 350 White cabinet
RS Sump 18 gallons~
All the original Red Sea accessories the system came with like plumbing kit etc
Eheim Compact+ 3000 return pump
x3 AI Prime LED lighting units
x3 AI tank brackets for the lights
Ecotech Vortech MP40 Quiet drive
Nyos 120 Protein Skimmer
Vertex RX-U 1.5 Media Reactor
Tunze Osmolator nano ATO
Advanced Acrylics ATO Reservoir
Neptune Apex Jr Controller
Neptune Apex EB8
x2 150w Eheim Jager heaters
50 lbs of BRS Reef Saver rock
50 lbs of Caribsea Liferock
15 lbs of BRS Tonga Branch rock
30 lbs of Tropic Eden Reef flakes sand
Red Sea Test kits, Hanna checker, Refractomer other tests etc
Bunch of other misc tank supplies

Livestock: 4 fish 3 shrimp and 12 coral frags.

$5000 for everything or best offer
Pickup in Orange County.
See picture attached, PM for interest


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