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Just received some horrible family news and I need to sell my tanks with everything.

75g rr with Live Rock, 2x54w T5HO
65g rr with live rock 2x96w PC
Neptune Jr with DC-8 temp probe, pH probe and an LED alarm.
Aussy Blasto merletti (large polyped merletti)
Euphyllia but I would not keep these nor sell them as they have the euphyllia bugs and I can not rid them from the coral.
the rare nepthea.
Other corals and inverts
2x250 PFO electronic Ballast with Radium Lamps Brand new.
CF Single bag sump
75 Rubbermaid sump
Iwaki 100 RLT (this pump is Nuts I would recommend a downgrade)
Euro Reef skimmer I am not sure of the model but it uses 4 pumps and is appx 60" Tall It currently is using 3 pumps. I know it retails for over $2000 with the pumps.
Fish, misc corals

$2000 for the whole set-up feel free to lowball me but it MUST go very soon .... like tomorrow.

Thanks Guys and Gals!


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Is there any way we can help out by babysitting things for you for a little while until things settle down? Sometimes the situations seem different/more manageable after a little time has passed?

Happy to help if there's a way I can...



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Sorry tohear there is something terrible going on. If there is anything I can do to help out let me know. I will keep my eyes and ears open for anyone looking for a top grade set-up. Good luck with whatever is going on....


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Hi Brian, So sorry to hear, my thoughts are with you and your family. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help...

(I'm the one that recently moved the 180 from PA)


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Thanks guys. The $ will go to renovations in our house so that we are able to provide long term care for my family. The tanks are plumbed into the downstairs and would be very much in the way. Also we are probably going to have to take out a second morgage to make the renovations possible.

I have gotten some very generous offers and tanks to you all. I am working out some details with other members to make this happen. I will still be an active member and most of you will see me around. I appreciate the support and thoughts they mean so much!



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Everything except the skimmer is available asking $700. I do have a buyer if no one is interested .

Thanks for the kind words all


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Very sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope everything works out for the best. If it falls through with this other buyer, please let me know. I am moving to a new apartment at the end of the week and am looking to upgrade. Also if you want to part anything out, let me know. Best of luck with everything.



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brian dave p from syracuse here ,sorry to hear ya this way man . if theres anything that i can do for you let me know ,just pm me .i mean anything dude .you have been one of the best lfs worker that i have ever had the joy of knowing . i really hope everything goes better than expected . my prayers are out to you and your family .we are all with you brian . hope to see you soon


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Thanks John! and everyone! Amazing group of people here. Tearful to think that we have all grown with reefs as our central point! Its not a club of reefkeepers its a group of GREAT people who truely care who also have aquariums.

This past 48 hours has been extremely difficult on me and as a family we are all rallying together ... My father was diagnosed with ALS (lou Gherigs) yesterday and we are only now realizing how bad things thruly are. He is already having trouble swallowing and feeding himself. For months we have been trying to find a MD who would actually give a .... well you know ... we finally found a neurologist who did , (as well as one pediatrician who cares more than anynoe I have ever met, to him I can never find the words nor anything to ever repay)... with in 1 week we went from first appointment to a diagnosis ... not the one that we wanted but at least we know. Coming from a medical background it saddens me that this was staring me in the face and I didn't even have a clue to think ALS... But the time to think about the future is now, and celebrate each day as they are truely a gift.

Thanks to all of you,
Brian and Family


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Sorry to hear about your dad. I know how tough it is when something goes wrong with someone we love. My father was diagnosed with parkinsons and it is tough. But as Gary said keep your faith. And do always remember the good times you guys had together. I have a friend who came down with lou gerhigs at age 40 he has a smartboard he carries around so he can communicate.


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If you or your family need anything at all Brian you know where to find me. I find it extremely honorable that you are opening your home for your family and have witnessed first hand it's not an easy decision to make. Had my mother never taken in my grandfather while he was battling cancer I would have never know him so well. Although it was hard for her it was also a blessing. Stay strong and keep your chin up. We are all here for you. :)


Brian, it's very disheartening to hear about you situation. As other's have already said, if there is anything that I can do, please let me know. You're a great guy Brian. You've been great to all of us and now it's time to return the favor.

best wishes,