found this deal


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hey guys do you think its worth the 500?
Kent Nautilus Turbo Skimmer with pump.
IceCap VHO Ballast - Model 330 with 4- (24)” bulb light canopy.
IceCap VHO Ballast - Model 430 with 4 (40”) VHO bulb canopy.
Solar 1000 LWM Light Timer and monitoring system for Ice Cap Ballast system.
IceCap 120 mm Canopy Fan with thermostat.
Natureef Denitrication system
and are their any mods out their for the skimmer ?


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nop. The only things worthwhile in it are the Icecap 430, the Solar 1000, and the IceCap 120mm fans, at least in my opinion.


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solar lwm is 600 new
natureefs are good not sure on price lots of ppl still use htem with good results.

icecaps seems like a ok buy ( the 430 will work on the dimmer the 660 is supposed to and a 330 ? never heard of)

id say go for it