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im thinking of adding a foxface to my tank. i have a clarkie, 5 damsel a choc star anemone and manderian goby in a 75 gal, i need more fish and live rock...please give me some advise:fish2:


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Ours eats constantly, algae and anything I put in the tank. Constantly hangs out with our maroon clown, sleep in the same spot etc. Changed colors when freaked out, and freaks easily lol. Also continuously poops, so have a good CUC and skimmer heh.


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75 gallon is way to small for a naso... I would stick with a foxface.

a 75 gal is too small for a fox face too in my opinion. but a smaller one may be okay for a short time.

Both get over 9" long and a 75g is to small


Everyone has the right to do what they please, but putting a naso in a 75gal is just wrong.

is there a particular color or stle you're looking for? maybe we can give some suggestions. it may be difficult to add fish since you have 5 damsels already and they can be extremely territorial especially to new comers, but also depends on the type.
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