frag a favia?


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diamond dremel cutting bit and have at it. or a diamond bladed wet bandsaw but unless your doing lots of fragging it is counterproductive.


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The saw is the best way, but why spend 400 if you can already use the dremel. Before having my saw, I used it often. Depending on the piece, I still use it.... Go for quick, and precise. Don't grind on one place for to long.


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You paid $400? That sucks. I bought a new Inland diamond blade bandsaw on ebay with two blades for $280 shipped to my door (across the border in Canada).

Second to a bandsaw I prefer a wet tile saw over a dremel for most of the fragging I do. I bought a cheep no-name 7" wet tile saw for about $60 with two diamond blades on sale earlier this year.