Frag auction at meeting


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I am curious as to how the frag auctions work at the meetings. I am considering attending the meeting tonight and joining the club, and I read that there will be a frag auction at the meeting tonight.



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This is what we had last year, BUT, lets wait for a current BOD member to reply.

TBRC Frag Swap Rules for 2008:

• To sell frags you MUST be a TBRC Member.
• You can join TBRC on the day of the Auction.
• 75-25 split (Seller takes 75% of the sell price, 25% of the sale price is donated to the club)
• Frags must be registered with TBRC prior to auction with description and seller's name on official Frag Auction Form.
• No more than 10 different frag types per member per meeting, please.
• TBRC does not take any responsibility for the quality of the frag or any pests that may be present on the frag. Buyer is encouraged to treat all frags prior to introducing them to their tank.
• The Auctioneer's word is the final word on all sales.

We highly encourage you to print and fill out the Official Frag Registration form prior to showing up at the meeting. This will help us keep the auction moving.


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Thanks Pedro, the rules are still the same for 2009, and you must be a member to sell..

Also if planing on buying frags please bring containers or bags to get your great deals home as we will not have anything...