Frag Quarantine and the Triton Other Method


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I'm getting back into the hobby after a bad bug crash 10 years ago and plan on quarantining fish and corals in separate tanks. My set ups I'm building are as follows:

Fish/ Pre Coral Quarantine 16 gallon Water Box tank. I will use separately for fish and coral disinfecting in between each quarantine period. Fish for 2 months?? Coral for 2 months before placing in my Frag tank for 78 days or 78 days minus the two months in the 16 gallon.

Equipment: 16 Gallon
Tunze Comline 3162 Internal Power Filter with Brightwell Xport No3 Cubes, Brightwell Xport Bio Blocks and Charcoal in the filter media bag with floss on top, think of it as my all in one.

I will be using Brightwell MicroBacter Start XLM and MicroBacter CLEAN per their recommendations for starting new tanks.

Tunze 901 Comline DOC Skimmer.

Heater is an Eheim Jager Truetemp 75 watt.

My ATO consist of an Advance Acrylics 1.75 gallon reservoir and I will probably get a Tunze 3155 pump setup as it fits on the back of the Comline 3162.

I have an AI Prime 16HD for my light.

For the current I have the Innovative Marine Desk Top Wavelink power head.

Now my question: could I use the Triton other Method on this tank as my Frag tank, Display tank will use the Full Triton Method. The salt mix I will be using on this tank, the frag tank and the DT is the ESV B-Ionic Salt Mix. I'm just wondering if I could get by with less frequent water changes using the Trident other method???

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