Frag Swap Payment Method?


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This will be my first swap to attend due to finally getting a break from work and a little free time.....i was wandering what are the payment methods accepted at the you have to have all cash or what? b/c i was thinking many people dont carry much cash now days and say we only brought $100 to the swap but wanted to spend more.....???

just curious so i'll be prepared to buy some items and not be the weird guy out of place not knowing anything...haha....which i still will probably feel that

looking forward to coming....

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Not wanting to birth any possible security concerns (over folks carrying large amounts of cash), but many vendors will also take personal Checks.

Legitimate business may take Debit / Credit cards, as the Apple-esc applications are making e-commerce more readily available with the advent of the "Square" and other such hardware and apps.

Best Advice: Plan as if you were going to the ball park. If you expect to hit a Grand Slam, plan accordingly.

There is an ATM on-sight (for I'm sure a "nominal" fee, of course!)

Security is provided by Agricenter and many of our members are also licensed to carry firearms. I don't expect any issues, unless of course would-be thieves want to get "fragged" by Smith & Wesson!



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cant go wrong with cash

cant go wrong with cash

i will be atteding for the first time also....i plan on bringing a couple grand in cold hard cash and wearing a t-shirt with a big bullseye painted on the back...:eek1:
OK seriously, i only wish i was bringing that much money,the few others that i have been to with the old clubs cash has usually been the dominant transaction. I plan on paying cash so i will obviously have cash on me, along with my glock 23...:lol2:


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Okay, if you are new to Memphis here is the standard protocol. You have a fake wallet with $20 in it (they get mad if you don't have any money and it can get ugly) and some miscellaneous fillers. You also wear your cheapest watch and leave any jewelry at home. If you get robbed, you just hand over the fake wallet and cheap watch and politely tell them to have a nice day and proceed to the frag swap.

Then, once you are in the building, reach in your sock and take out your real money stash and go to town. You can buy a pair of "Memphis" socks that have a built in mini pocket to hold cash (wedding rings, etc.) They also make an underwear version with a crotch pocket. Unless the robber is named Sandusky, no robber will check there......

As Marty noted, there are members that will be "legally" (and probably illegally) packing. I will provide armed escort services in exchange for a frag of my choice....:uzi:
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I'm afraid most Memphis crooks are on to the "Memphis socks". They just shoot you and go straight for your ankles.


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LOL, I just made up the "Memphis socks", but if you feel they are on to me, then upgrade to the Memphis Crotch Underwear with velcro flap. I also will be releasing the fake broken arm cast with hidden pocket in time for the swap.

But, if all else fails, simply get a rubber band and wrap your money around the handle of your pistol.