Frag Tank Build... Looking for Light/Tank


New member
I'm wanting to build a frag tank because my 46 gallon bowfront is full and I'm figuring at least 2 years before I can set up my 265 again. I was going to convert a 20 gallon long and attach that to the 46, but I'm having a hard time finding a reasonably priced light option for this. I have a 75 gallon tank I can use (and not attach it to the 46), but no light options for that either. I already have a 72" outer orbit light fixture that will be fixed by this weekend but its far too long for either tank and I do NOT want to set up my 265gallon monster only to have to move it again.... so here are my options...

1. Buy a light for the 20 or 75 tank.... or
2. Buy a 72" long tank (dont care about width or height - in fact, the less gallons the better) can be scratched, just not leaking.
3. Buy someone's existing light/tank setup - think frag tank not show tank.

I do have a limited budget - but I can trade... some options for trade:

Pos. 75 Gallon Tank (was my sump on the 265 so it needs some cleaning)
Pos. 20 Gallon Long Tank
Coral Frags (including LE Chalice corals)
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