fragging an encrusting monti


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Thought I'd ask some opinions on fragging an encrusting monti. I asked in another forum too but eveyone doesn't read them all.

Bought a superman monti last fall. It seemed to take a bit to kick into growth stage (just about the same length for my wallet to recover too ) and over the last month or two it's taken off spreading off the rock and onto the flat rock I glued the original frag rock onto. In the pic you can see the original frag rock outline. If I were to knock that original frag rock off would it grow and blend in w/o a funny looking spot in the middle or should I leave it alone and just let it cover the whole big rock and break pieces off of that when it gets that big. And where it joins together again would it have a "scar" or would it heal smooth?

Here's the pic:



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encrust thickness is 1/16th of an inch

if you frag it from the inside and it is flat it will be flat
if you frag it and there is a valley or chip it will incrust in that shape

no scar will be made it will encrust to the form of the rock


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Thanks Chad. I think I'll do that in a couple months and try to get back some of the moolah I spent on that thing. I was just worried about a nasty scar in the middle. These things aren't cheap!