Fragging Kenya


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How do I frag Kenya, the reason I am asking is I have a pretty large piece I just put in my tank about a week ago and half of it is wilting but still looks healthy so I was wondering if I could cut that branch off sort of like cutting a branch on a reegular tree?

Thank you, Rich-
Yes, you can trim the "branch" with a very sharp knife or scissors....but if your goal is to protect the rest of the coral by trimming the wilting branch, it won't work. It's not like fragging a sps coral to save it from RTN. Softies go thru stages where they look great at times and not so great at times. Unless you specifically want to try fragging so you have two of the Kenya tree, I would leave it it....and if the wilting persists for more than a couple days, try to figure out why. It can be from fish bothering it, high flow blasting right on it....many reasons. Good luck

Hi Jeff and thank you for replying, The branch is slowlye coming back. This started when I put it in the tank I dont think I gave it enough time to aclimate so it started wilting right away now half of it is standing up and looks like the other half is too heavy for it to pull up. I will wait a week or two and see what happens. Thank you, Rich-
I can't believe how often my devil's hand takes "naps"! Half the time it looks like it's gonna croak, then it perks up, sheds it's skin & looks 2x better than before. They sure need a lot of rest! None of my other leathers go thru this.

If it's the pc I sold you, it would go through those "wilting periods". It will drop a few branches (self fragging I guess) come back to life and then you'll find 3 or 4 (one to two inch in size) new frags in the tank. Give it a few more days.
Yeah, I've found the same thing with my Kenya and my finger leather. My Kenya was looking fine for weeks, then I brought it into work to put in my nano, and it took almost 2 weeks to fully recover from the hour is sat in a bag. Temperamental!

I've done the same with a piece of GSP, and it's been in there for a week, and so far only about 1/4 of the polyps have come back to life. These corals really try our patience!

Back to the question of fragging - if you cut a branch, what's the best way to get it to attach to something? I've been known to use the skewer method for mushrooms and other softies, but Kenya's have a pretty tough skin, so I don't know about the skewering.

I saw your post too late :( lol I fragged it with sharp scissors but they are doing good now :) and they did what you said one or the "bulbs" popped off and that too is opened real nice....I will keep you posted I have also just added some SPS so we will see how those do as well...
I've found needle and thread (or 4lb test fishing line) to work the best on most softies. I skewer the bottom of the frag and wrap the thread around a small rock. The best rocks have small holes that you can pass the needle through instead of wrapping the thread. Never had a problem and you can cut the thread off after a few weeks.


Nice to hear it's working out (hate to sell a defective product) for you. Show us some pics when things settle down.
For sure and there is no question in my mind this would be defective you have a very healthy tank an it was perfect in yours and I am sur eit will be fine after time in mine I am just anxious lol
My Kenya frags itself. Its fragging itself so much I dont know what to do. Pieces of it just fall off and attach throughout the tank. I find myself scraping it off things and flushing it.