Fragging low lying zoas


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I'm doing some fragging tonight, which I have done before for SPS without problems. Right now I'm trying to frag off some zoas that are in a high flow area and have bonded very close to the rock. I'm not able to chip a piece of the rock off directly, and the rock is too large/integral to remove from the tank so the question is:

How do I frag a group of zoas and attach them to another rock when they have very short stalks?

Here is the pic of the colony.

<img src="" /img>

PS Don't mind the hair algae, it's gone now. :)


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wave your hand around next to the zoos or use a turkey baster to blow water on them and they will shut. Then you can see if there are any areas where you can peel a part of the mat up or chip a small peice of the rock off. If you get the mat up just use an exacto knife to cut the peice away and then glue it on to another rock.

Another way that I used to use is just put a peice of rock rubble next to or even in the colony and they will eventually spread to it and you can cut it free eventually.(this way is a lot slower :))


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Ya, I loaded up all my zoa colonies with small pieces of rock wo that I won't have this problem in the future. Problem was I promised some guy that I'd frag some of my colonies, and the others went fine, but this one....well...a bit trickier! I'll try to look for targets of opportunity tonight, hopefully I can get at least a few of them off intact! :)