frags for sale and RBTA (in Edison)


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Im taking down my 29gal and i need to sell some stuff , im home today after 4:30pm
I have a used seio 2600 $40
RBTA 3 TO 4 inch $60 , big RBTA 7+ INCHES $100
frogspawn frags couple of heads $ 10 a head
purple nana frags $15 and $20
neon green acro frags $15
2 or 4 frags of purple cap
mean greens $ 20 for a frag
yellow polyps loose not attach $20 for like a nice piece ,it was attach to my back glass and i scrape it off the back
a piece of palys $15

thank you for looking im in Edison ,08817



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I'll have a look at some of that stuff and I'll prolly buy more then I should, let me know when you're gonna be free again.