Frags for sale (corrected thread)

mark fanara

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The links are not working right if they are clicked on...If you copy and paste them they will take you to the pictures. Not sure what I did wrong.


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Re: Frags for sale (corrected thread)

You're using http button instead of the img button. hit the img button, a window will come up, paste in the picture address and it will insert it

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The top photo is what the zoo frags look like when they are open.

A= Pink M.Digi. -$10
B= German Blue M. Digi. -$15
c= Neon Green Candy Coral 4 1/2 Heads -$35
D= Turquois Acro. -$10
E= Blue Chalice -$20
F= Blue and Orange Eyed, Green Skirted Zoos 12 Polyps -$15

Send a pm if interested. Thanks, Mark