frags for sale **pics**


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I moved everything for the 46gal to the new 120gal. And in doing so I fraged a bunch of corals (mostly quick growers). I did not take photos of all the frags I need to get rid of. Here is a total list of the types of corals I need to get rid of:
Yellow Polyps
Purple Mushrooms
Green Stripe Mushrooms
Green star polyps
Green Zoas
Orange/brown montipora

Here are some photos of avialable frags:
First rock with yellow polyps: ($15)

Second rock with yellow polyps and small peice of xenia: ($10)

Green star polyps frag: ($5)

Large rock with xenia and three yellow polyps: ($12)

A couple frag disc with yellow polyps attached: ($5 for left disc, right disc is FREE with purchase of any other frag)

Larger rock with xenia: ($10)


Smaller rock with xenia: ($5)

Zoas attached to halmedia: ($7)

Not pictured:
Loose xenia (not attached) ($5)
Clump of halmedia (not attached) ($5)
green stripe mushrooms ($3 per polyp)
purple mushrooms ($3 per polyp)
Orange/brown monti frag (not attached) (about .75in x 1.5in) ($7)

I think that is everything, if I forgot something I will let you know. If you need any pictures let me know. I am located in fort collins colorado. I will consider any trades or offers. Thanks for looking :)


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=6962017#post6962017 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by PSEUDOREEFER
Do you ever make it down to the Boulder area?

Yea, to visit friends. But it is not very offten.


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feel free to make me ANY offers. Frags still need to go. I will be going down to greely this weekend if you want to meet me somewhere.


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everything but the zoas are pending, and the monti is gone...i have a lot of the other frags, so I will be impressed if I can sell them all. Just let me know what corals of the ones listed you want. and I will let you know what frags I have of those corals.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=6998712#post6998712 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by ray3mont
just to confirm, all of the mushrooms are sold .... correct?

nope still have some mushrooms. Let me know what you want (green striped or purple) and if you want them attached or loose.


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Here is an update on what is sold and what is still avilable. All the mushroom frags are gone, the monti is gone, the zoas are still pending, a clump of the halmedia is gone, the large rock with yellow polyps is gone, the rock with yellow polyps and a small xenia frag are gone, the frag disc with the yellow polyps are gone. The smaller $5 rock with xenia is gone. Here is what we still have if you want it:

Green star polyps
Loose xenia frag
Still 1 large clump of halmedia
The large rock with xenia on it and 3 yellow polyps on it
The large rock with just xenia on it
And I think that is it, but if I listed something before, and have not said it is sold let me know. Thanks :)


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I also just removed images of the frags that for sure have sold....if for some reason any of the deals fall through I will repost the photos. Again there are frags avialable that are not pictured. Like the halmedia, and the loose xenia.