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Hi all. Might be moving soon so I'd like to unload some stuff to minimize loss. Apologies the pics aren't in order but feel free to PM for additional pics but please use your discretion and ask for pics only if you are truly interested. The only thing I'd consider trading for at this point in time is a CSB. Located in Albany, right next to Berkeley. Frags are available for porch pickup most days of the week. Open to offers if my prices are not market.

1) Baby Frankenstein Mushrooms (3 available, all about the size of a quarter. Babies and momma pictures below) - $200

2) OG bounce (3 available, all about the size of a dime or slightly larger. Babies and momma pictures below) - $175

3) Holy Grail Micromussa - 4 head frag - $300

4) Japanese deep water toadstool "“ (dime sized frag, with baby and momma pic below) $100

5) Tequila sunrise shroom - $60

6 Forest Fire Mushroom - dime size - $40

7) WWC Ultron Favia (7-8 heads) $80

8) JF Grafted Dayglo Favia on fully encrusted 1.5" disk - $50

9) Utter Chaos Zoas - 5 polyps - $30

10) Purple Monster Zoas - $10/pp. I have frags from ~2-5 polyps or larger.

11) Neon green Nepthea/sinularia (one of the brightest I've seen) "“ 2-3" frag cut to order - $20

12) Neon green candy cane 12 head mini colony - $40

13) Montipora spondoges large mini colony 3-4" tall with multiple branches - $20

14) Setosa 1.5" -$5


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are you selling that chalice you posted a photo of? didnt see it on the list

Hey Dennio! Sorry, NFS right now. I was using Tapatalk to post and just started throwing in pics. I may decided to frag soon, so hit me up by text if you still have my number. We can work something out.