Frags for Sale


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I have a few frags for sale. I am in Chicago, near Belmont & Damen.

Two pink bird's nest and one grape montipora - $20 each or two for $30



Here is what the mother colony of bird's nest looks like:


THis is the mother colony of grape montipora:


The montipora grows like crazy. Started with one square inch about a year ago.

If you are interested, you could pick up tomorrow evening or this weekend.


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The birdsnest looks like it should be a yellow with purple polyp that is placed to high in the tank. Just an FYI for anyone that buys it, it most likely will change in color.


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THanks for compliments on the glass. It isn't always that clean. The first pic is actually taken with the camera underwater.

The bird's nest has always looked pretty pink to me.


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If it is a Tubsesque Birdsnest, they get bright pink under high light and green/yellow with purple polyps down low. I like both colors and this is one that seems pretty consistant in it's color changing.

Good luck with the sale, immaculate tank by the way.