Frags FS - ORA Cali Tort, Green Slimer, A. Cervicornis


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I've got frags of ORA Cali Tort, what I think is a Green Slimer, and lots and lots of A. Cervicornis. The parent Cali Tort is a beautiful blue, green, and purple. The Green Slimer (not sure that is correct name, but that is what I think it looks like) is a bright, green and hairy. I believe the A. Cervicornis is quite widespread in captivity, although this Carribean coral is no longer collected from the wild. It is very fast growing and an excellent starter SPS for anyone trying to see if they can successfully grow SPS corals. If the Cervicornis won't grow, nothing will. Its somewhat nondescript brown with green polyps from the side, but if you have a look down or open top tank, this coral is amazingly green from the top.

I am going to post pictures of the parent colonies and then some pictures of the frag tank. I have 2 large, multi-branched sized frags of the green slimer and could cut more. I have several (10?) frags of the Cali Tort, some branching and some single frags and an almost unlimited supply of the A. Cervicornis of any size. I'm offering the Cali Tort frags at $30 (negotiable depending on size), $30 for the Green Slimers, and $5 for my trouble for the Cervicornis. Cervicornis also available for free if you purchase either of the others.

ORA Cali Tort Parent (under actinic)

Green Slimer Parent (under actinic)

A. Cervicornis Parent (under actinic) - one of several

Frag tank - (under 250W 14K Hamilton - but also strong daylight)


Cali Tort frags - same light

Green Slimer Frag

There is also a frag or two of a very fuzzy green pollicpora that you can have for $10. I can cut more frags of this or even the green slimer if there is demand.

Astute observers might also notice the blue A. Hokesemani mixed in, but those are not for sale at this time.

I have a number of other corals that I could frag if you want to peruse the main display when you come by.

I hope this post works. PM for details and times.

- Jason


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Smallest are basic 1/2" to 3/4" frags. Some are larger, up to a couple/few inches. You can see a group of them in the picure labelled Cali Tort frags. The grid they are sitting in has 1/2" squares, so you can have some idea of the frag sizes by comparing to the grid.


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No one is interested in these frags? Is the price wrong? There are several large frags of the ORA Cali A. Tort available, and the Slimers are large enough that some would call them a whole colony.

Is anyone interested in trying SPS for the first time? The Acropora Cervicornis is just about the easiest, fastest growing SPS to test out in your tank and its only $5 or free with another purchase.

Don't be put off by the frag pictures, the frag tank is basically under sunlight when I open the doors to the shed, so the colors look washed out. In a tank, they look like the pictures of the parent colonies.

What gives? is everyone giving up these days?


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Maybe cause a cali tort should be a real dark blue on the branches with a dark green body, not pink and purple :confused:


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I bought the Cali Tort as a frag at the beginning of 2006 from Circle Pet in Long Beach out of their back room ORA tank. The picture of the parent colony is under actinic (420nm - purple) lighting. I know nothing about photography, and I was having trouble getting decent closeup with the main halides on flash or no flash.

Its been growing under Geisemann 14.5K Megachromes with Actinic blue+ (450nm - bluish) supplements for the last year. I just switched to Phoenix 14k this month with true actinic (420 nm)supplements.

In real life, the coral is blue and green, not purple and white. A deep green body with lots of blue and very bright blue tips. Its not purple at all. The coral next (right) to it is an ORA bright (electric?) green birdnest. It looks yellow to me on the picture, but its quite green in real life. Some of the frags are in the left rear of the last picture (hoki on right), looking a little more normal, but again, the frag tank is getting hit by daylight. The green slimer appears at about its real color, but the A. Cervicornis doesn't glow in real life either. Its brown with green polyps. Very green looking from the above, but brown with green dots (polyps) from the side.

I make no assertion that the thing I am calling a "green slimer" is actually that. That is about as close a name as I can come up with. Its just very green and pretty hairy.

I'll try to locate/get a better closeup of the parent from the side tonight under full lighting when I get home tonight. I assure you; its green and blue. Here is another picture of the tank; the Cali Tort is up top and just right of center, but you can't really make out the color.

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The Tort looks exactly like what ORA calls "Blue Tort Staghorn" -Acropora Tortuosa on their website.

Here is the picture from ORA and its exactly what mine looks like. Isn't this what is called the "Cali Tort"?


Its worth checking out. you won't be disappointed. Its what is in the ORA picture.


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More Pictures of Cali Tort, random camera settings

More Pictures of Cali Tort, random camera settings

I am no photographer, so I just started changing camera settings and started shooting. The pictures are under phoenix 14k MH lights. Phoenix 14k are as blue as a typical 20k lamp. They also have actinic supplement on in some of the pictures. Some flash, some not. The Cali Tort parent colony is quite close to the surface and the light is right above, so it seems to reflect all the blue and purple wavelengths out of the bulbs and little green in the eye of the camera. To the naked eye, the body of the coral is quite green, corallites blue, tips purple.

This is the most representative pic that I could get. Its still more purple than real life. There are several other pictures of this coral in my gallery if you care to click on it.


Wait! I changed my mind. This is a violet tiped branching Tyree Purple Hammer of the Gods Chalice with 10 eyes per frag. $500 each. :lol:



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Yes. Many frags of the Cali Tort of various sizes. Some quite a bit larger than the usual sliver sold at reef events, stores, or by mail. I have two very large frags of the green slimer, and a virtually limitless supply of A. Cervicornis.