frags FS: shrooms, sunny D's, photosynthetic gorgs ..oh, and more rastas! :)


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More coral trimming ... shown are the mother colonies.

Pickup is in the Alhambra/Monterey park area

This is the lavendar bottlebrush photosynthetic eco-gorg from aquascapers. I have 1 good-sized frag of this for $15.

ORA Grube's Gorgonia, about 3" frag, $10.

Bright green gsp's, good size piece for $5

1 polyp blue spotted mushroom from Bluezoo Aquatics ... pretty uncommon and REALLY pretty IMO, $15.

1 polyp regular blue mushroom, $5.

HORRIBLE pic, but this is the hazel eunice gorgonia also from aquascapers, $10.

Sunny D's, freshly fragged tonight, would like to give it a few days for them to heal, but they are $15 for 3+ polyps, and $20 for 4+ polyps.

I have no idea what these palys are, but they remind me of Sunny D's, but red and green instead :) $10 for 3 polyps.

Still have some rasta frags left, $20 for 4+ polyps.

Thanks for looking!



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Nice meeting you, Mariano!

And thanks for the interest to everyone else.


these are the things that are left:

1 hazel eunice gorg frag

some rasta frags

sunny D's and dunno-what-they're-called-red-and-green palys still available