Free 75g tank


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My sister in law has drained her FW tank and is getting ready to pitch it. I thought I would post in on here before it makes its way to the curb....

It's a 75g tank, scratched up, with a few knicks in the glass corners... been holding water the past ten years so it would work for a sump or something like that......

Pickup is in Streamwood.... You'll need to bring people to lift it since my back is shot I won't be able to help. :D


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ill take it...i got a buddy that could use it reef ready or just a standard tank? what color are the trim pieces? thanks chris

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I REALLY need this tank, I have been looking to make a sump and I don't have the money to buy one. Please LMK, sent you a PM


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Its a standard tank.... not RR.

I think the trim is woodgrain looking....

Any chance of either of you coming to get it on Monday ??? Im off for MLK day so I can let you in to get it, but you'll need a second person to help get it out of the house....

there's still some pieces of gravel in it from her FW setup, but you can just rinse those out....

Never had any meds or anything in the tank either so you'd be good there.

46, you have first crack at it since you replied first, but I am hoping to get it out before Tuesday for garbage day. If you can't make it by then it'll go to ledzep, and if he cant, someone else will, if not it'll be on the curb...


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I can pick it up Sunday (today) but I dont want to step on anyones toes. If they can't pick it up within your designated time span than I will gladly take it tomorrow. I'm off work at 6 and could come get it. If not then I can wait. Take Care.