Free Chaeto, Xenia or Freshwater Aquarium Plants and New Venustus


Hey Guys,

Got plenty of cheato to share, got some xtra pulsing xenia. And some freshwater plants.

I ordered a box of plants for the new plant tank from Florida and ordered a little too many. Not sure of the different types that I have, I know I have some red cabomba and probably 4-5 different plants. They need to find a home, so if you have something fresh or salt to trade that works, or if you just want some freshwater plants, just say please.

And then I also wanted to share today's new reef Acquisitions...

So the 10 day update on the Multibar trio is they seem to be doing well. Occassionally I see one pick at the prepared foods, but they definitely enjoy picking off the rock work. They all appear to be healthy and they have bulging bellys

Much to my delight they have decided to call the right hand back corner of the tank home. Which means while sitting in my living room watching tv, when I look into the fish and into the right end of the tank I usually see at least one of them without having to get up and search the tank.

One of the fish that I lost in the crash which was really special to me was my Venustus Angel, as seen in my avatar.

Over my decades in the hobby I have tried several times to keep the Venustus with minimal success. The Venustus in my Avatar went into my tank and thrived in the tank. And wasn't as shy as Venustus I had had in the past.

So I have been not only searching for a Venustus, but had other people looking for me as well.

Low and behold this morning I get a text that somebody found one.



And as you are probably starting to realize, I always like to increase my odds of success, so not one but......


My pair of Flamebacks seemed curious of the new duo, they did some minor posturing, but no aggressive behavior.



And of course the big angel, the Goldflake came over to see who the new angels on the block were.



They have been in the tank for a few hours now and they are calmly swimming about in the tank. One of them was hunting and picking at some sponge after just a few minutes in the tank. None of the existing fish in the tank seem to pay any attention to them at all, which is nice.

My past experiences with Venustus is they usually run for the cover of a cave. And pleasantly both Venustus seem to stay within about a foot of each other.

Dave B

PS - The tiny Bellus I picked up when I got the multi-bar is an aggressive little eater and devours all the different prepared foods that go into the tank. The Bellus are a great little angel that really seem to immediately enjoy being in captivity. They are easy to keep fish, no aggression issues, and they leave everything in a reef tank alone. Anyone looking for an angel to add to their reef if they get the opportunity to get a Bellus should take it.
Dave B


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Congrats Dave. They look awesome.
Don't you worry that with soo many angels in your reef tank that they will eat your coral?


Remind me what the Raincheck was for.... As long as it's not for a two song lap dance I think we are ok.

I have had great luck with pygmy angels over the years. I have had a troublesome flames that picked on clams, I had a multicolor I thought was ugly, I had some goldens that picked on SPS but didn't destroy, and goldflakes that decide when there are too many of an expensive type of zoa and remove it for me.

But I love the angels. I believe that because I have such a heavily rocked tank that my reef produces enough food to keep them happy without having to destroy my corals. I have always kept angels in my reef tanks. I have been keeping reef tanks since 1988. From about 93 till 2011-2012 I only fed my reef tanks a couple of times a year, and then it was just live brine. Pipefish, mandarins, angels, tangs, blennys, damsels, clowns, gobys lasted for years and years without me adding food to the tank. And when I say years, I had a mandarin for over 10 years, a flame for 14 years, mushroom rocks for 10+ years.

I started feeding regularly when I decided I wanted to stock my tank more fish heavy, which started about 3+ years ago. And then it was just 2-3x a week. About 18 months ago I decided I wanted to keep Anthias, so I bought an automatic feeder, and feed the tank a mix of dry foods 5x a day, and then I feed frozen foods about 4-5x a week, and the frozen is usually Chefzilla's frozen foods.

And now that I feed more often, the only real difference I see is that the tank requires more frequent algae wipes, and some of my fish grow much quicker than I want.

Dave B


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lol, it was for IT Support for your MS Virtual Server box. Im pretty sure im owed some sort of lap dance but dont think that was from you so were good. Mainly just need some Chaeto for my seahorse tank.


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I like angels too. Goldflake, emperor, golden to name a few. I had a coral beauty long ago. But I'm a wrasse man.
Some day I'll get a bigger tank, maybe when we move again. 150g is nice but when I see a tank your size and how the fish react with each other it's just different when those fish are in a smaller tank. I can't imagine not feeding my tank everyday.


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congrats Dave!
I'd love a bit of Xenia please let me know if it's available & when Lyd could

pick it up. Thanks!