Free Chiller n Todds Torch with Purchase


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I have recently been told that I have cancer n my time is numbered. Please avoid any comments unless u know me from the hobby. Not to be an a*** but im tired of hearing it. My objective is to enjoy the time i have so that brings me to this. I have a 125RR that was custom built by Millie at CF n it is Gorgeous. This was designed to be like Furniture and is Black Oak. I tried to take pics but no justice. Tom at Reef Shoppe did the stack job. So he knows what it looks like. A few here have seen it and Please comment. Also all the equiptment that comes with it High End and in Mint condition. I have OCD. This is a package deal and FIRM. I will not seperate. I am letting it go for less than 50% of what I paid. If it dosent sell my brother will keep it. Besides less than 50% I will also throw in a Pacific Coast 650 Chiller and a few Heads of Todds Torch. My loss(lol) is truly your gain . Heres what we got.

Stand n Hood- Black Oak Custom Built by Millie at CF. It has Custom Moldings n Designs on the Front of Hood and on the Doors. There are built in corner moldings that go from stand to hood on each corner of tank. The hood has built in fans that are super quiet. The stand is not your typical 28 30 inches yet 36 inches. When you walk over to it no leaning down n extra room for sump. This is Furninture Quality.
I paid 1300.00. U pay 650.00
125RR Tank with all hardware. SuperClean. No Corraline or Algae on Glass.
I paid 560.00 U pay 230.00

Custom Installed into Canopy. No sloppy wires. Super Clean. 3x 250HQI Double End Reef Optix Pendants. I paid 385.00 U pay 192.00