Free Clowns - For School Rooms / Class Rooms (Encino)


Hi All,

I am working with a local clown breeder to find a home for their imperfect clown babies. Rather than culling the fish, I offerred to find them good homes to live happily ever after.

Some have stunted growth, Some have abnormal growth, some have flared gills, some are stubbies, but none of them are perfect.

These are for school room or class room aquariums first. If you are a teacher, or someone who supports a school salt water aquarium, then reach out to me and get a free pair of clowns for your school aquarium. These are 100% free. No Donation Fee, No Adoption Fee, No Trades, Just 100% Good Deed Material.

Sadly I have to ask for proof of your classroom tank, can you imagine scoundrels stealing from the kids... I can.

Fish are located in Encino. I will not ship. I will not deliver. I will catch and bag.

Dave B
2023-04-26 10.04.21.jpg
2023-04-26 09.41.40.jpg

Dave B