Free Coral - Sunday Only


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If I cant sell it, maybe I can give it away.
Lots of Digitata, no it's not green or purple or other great colors, but it grows like crazy, and fills up your tank.

Got lots of other corals here you can buy cheap, or if you promise to give it a good home, I might just give you pieces of Green or Orange monti caps.

The only thing wrong with giving away coral is someone might take coral that they cannot really support. Do the right thing please, and only take it if you think your tank can support it. I will on the other hand, give anyone a small piece of digitata, it's a good way to test if your tank is ready.

If anyone is interested let me know. As I said Sunday Only.
Fair Haven - Red Bank area Exit 109 GSP.



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For all the PM's

242 Hance Road
Fair Haven NJ 07704


Anytime after 10:00am until 4:00pm.


Someone asked for a photo of something that grows fast.
Purple tipped digi, grows fast in the right condition. It will die much faster in the wrong conditions.



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hey kelsey.......could you hold a few pieces for me.... i just went through a tank crash thanks to the power outage the other day . i had no heat or electricity for 36 hrs and the house went down to 40 *F . im in the process of water changes , and removal of anything that died off(showing no signs of life) once the water quality is returned to normal i'll be looking for small frags again.

the ones i got from you a while back had realy took off and were growing in nicely too............

i guess thats life ....always throwing you curve balls


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Tough break, my Generator saved me.
I'll be happy to try and set you up again. Still got lots of the green and orange caps, lots of stuff to get you started again.

Oh, and it's Kelly, not Kelsey.

see you soon.


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sorry about terrible at remembering names
...........i'll see you when the tank is ready ........thanks again


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stopped by today and picked up some really nice pieces from hef.
Awesome looking tank, with outstanding growth.
Definately worth stopping by and getting some frags.
Good prices and very healthy corals.
Thanks again Hef.