Free Elos 160XL - Tank and Stand


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I have an Elos 160XL Tank and Stand available for free pickup in Huntington Beach. The tank is empty, dry, and ready for someone to take home.

I am moving and I do not know when I will set up a new build and what size the new tank will be. I may be out of the hobby for a while.

PM me for pictures. There is a hobbyist in this forum who has seen the tank.

I will not be holding the tank for pickup for very long.

It is a great tank......


Cool beans. Good karma going your way. Whoever pick this tank up. Post some pics of the tank when it's all setup.

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Nice! I have a friend who is new to the hobby and just out grew his first tank. I'll let him know about this tank.

That's awesome of you , man.

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Thanks to all for the PMs.

There are seven hobbyist in the queue right now.

Someone will get lucky.

Thanks for the help everyone.


Glad you decided not to retire the tank! It has plenty of life left. Just hope the new owner will do it justice 😉