Free Frags in Encino - Mon Apr 8th - Come and Get it


Hey Guys,

I am trying to reorganize and clean the outdoor frag tanks. I have way too much coral and I have a bunch of frags that I just don't have room for.

I probably have 100+ pcs that I don't have space for - These are only SPS. Some are just regular red monti, but there are a bunch that need to color up which could be Leng Sy Purple Rim, Tyree Purple Petals or Grafted monti.

I have a bunch of broken pieces of Rainbow Birdsnest.

And I have assorted acros.

I would like to give these away to 2 or 3 people ASAP (like this afternoon or evening).

Some of the frags are mounted. Some are not. Some have dead branches. Some have dead spots. Some are perfect. This is a come and get deal. You bring me a bucket or bags and I will just give you a bunch of stuff to take home and mount.

NO strings attached. Not going to ask for a donation once you get here. Not a scam. Located in Encino where the 101 and 405 cross.

Unless you have something amazing that you want to trade me for, I'm not holding onto anything until you have time to come visit me. (*** If you are an old school reefer and I know you from back in the day before LED's existed - I will hold for you!)

If you have my cell, text me and come and get it.

If you don't have my contact info, post here and I will check back periodically this evening to give out my address.