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You pay shipping....I have a small (hes about 1") pinkish mantis shrimp I found while cleaning my LR's the other day....he is very healthy and eating like a pig! I will give him to someone as long as they pay the shipping. I have NO idea what type of mantis he is but he is pinkish in color
I will take him if Dallas changes his mind. I have been looking for one for a while now and last week was the closest I have been to finally getting one. BTW, my zip is 21211 and I could pay you via PayPal.

The little guy is not looking so good this morning, he is still moving around but not near as rambuctious as he was the past couple of days....Let me hold on to him for a few more days to make sure he is ok. I will let you guys know in a couple of days....Dallas has first dibs on him though naturally
awwww nutz!!

awwww nutz!!

Wow, sorry to hear that ...:(

let me know if you get another one you want to unload... sorry for the loss.

Ok I found another one.....Plez if you want it then email me your fedex account number! I will not send this time unless I get a fedex account number. If its not gone by monday Im taking it to the LFS Cause I do not have the means to take care of it! This one is actually a little bit bigger and is brownish/dark green he is about 1.5" long
Hey guys....I sent you an email mohican.

Dallas, you are next in line for this one bud. Im sorry I would have given you first dibs on this one cuz I know that you really want it and were first on the other one, but my priority is the shrimp and fastest way to get it to who is available first.


The little one is still a bit shy in his new home. after placing him in his newly renovated 10 gal, he stayed motionless while observing his stomping ground until one of his future dinner guests a hermit crab crawled over him as they greeted each other. after the meet and greet he zoomed to a crevice on a 5lb peice of rock and i have not seen him since (24hrs). i no he is still in there because a yellow tail damsel is very interested in meeting him. he keeps going up to the crevice and sticking his head in. i will keep you updated.