Free Ocellaris . . .


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Beef and healthy

It was a b-day present I bought for my neighbor last week, but he is causing havoc to the other fish in his small 20 gallon. I think that the problem stems from him being a mature wild caught specimen who will try to host about anything with no anemone present.

What would be ideal is for it to:
1) go into a tank with host anemones available for it.
2) go into a FO tank.

He is a nice looking fish, and its a shame for him to be living in my sump

i shall take him/her if theres no one closer. i have a 160g FOWLR that he would do well in. where are you located at?


I'm in North Tampa off of Fletcher Ave.

Mark has first dibbs followed by Chris.

Mark, if you dont want to make the drive over here in the next few days, let us know so Chris can get it.

Thanks guys,
cjgalante , we see that you are not far from us (Palm Harbor here) and was wondering if you attend any clubs in the area.

We have a 90gal fish & Coral
40gal seahorse tank
20gal it is a QT or will host the baby seahorses

i guess ill pass on on it since i dont have a nem but i would rather it go into a nice reef setup. Chris its all your buddy. good luck