FREE Reef Ready 110


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I have a 110 reef ready for FREE!

Here are the particulars:
  • 60l x 18w x 24t glass (I think it's a Visio but I don't remember)
  • Dual overflows and returns
  • 36" wood cabinet w/hood
  • 3 section glass sump
  • 2 old school Tunzes with controller
  • 2 Ice Cap 660 balasts
  • Mag 12 (I think)
  • JBJ top off, heater, 2 Dursos and maybe some other stuff
  • Some stuff may work but some may not (was working when taken down).
Here's the catch:
  • You have to provide transportation and muscle to move it.
  • It has been in the backyard (relatively clean) for about 8 months (definitely needs to be water tested).
  • When you upgrade you must also give this away for free.
  • You must write a short description of you, your experience and what you want to do with it (FOWLR, softies, LPS, SPS, mix) and a post a build thread here when you start.
  • I want this to go to someone upgrading or jumping in for the first time.
It will be available for pick up next Sunday 6/8 in Westminster near 22/405 freeways. I'll pick someone by say Thursday or so.



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Dan--You have PM...I'm upgrading from 75gal & interested but have a question...If tank is 60L, what's up w/ 36" cabinet?


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For those that is a photo of the 110 (darker stained stand/hood). My current display is to the right. It's a little bit of an optical illusion, the 110 is closer so it looks bigger. They're both 60" across and 24" high.



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in the picture the tank looks huge but then when you see the size of the JBJ ATO, it puts things into perspective. lol